151 Selective Dry Cow Therapy A guide for farmers by Zoetis (Tools & Checklists)

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151 ToolsChecklists – Selective Dry Cow Therapy A guide for farmers by Zoetis

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Selective dry cow therapy (SDCT) is a decision made at dry off, about whether your cows receive antibiotic dry cow therapy (ADCT) in addition to an internal teat sealant, such as OrbeSeal®. Governments, human health agencies, consumer groups and food retailers are putting greater pressure on food producers to justify the use of antibiotics. Dairy companies such as Arla now require that farmers discuss SDCT with their vets and begin to dry some cows off selectively i.e. without antibiotic tubes and only with teat sealant. The benefits of SDCT are the potential for reducing antibiotics used on farm, a reduction in the amount and severity of mastitis cases and reduced medicine costs compared to blanket combination therapy (antibiotic tube and teat sealant). This checklist provides a step by step approach to starting SDCT.

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