353 Health effects of on-farm hatching by WUR (Industry Innovation)

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353 Industry Innovation – Health effects of on-farm hatching by WUR

In Significant Impact Groups: Housing and welfare \ New housing systems
Species targeted: Poultry;
Age: Young;
Broilers that hatch in the barn show less mortality and have less foot sole lesions. This is shown by research of Wageningen Livestock Research that compares the traditional hatching system to on-farm hatching. The results show that chicks that hatch on farm have a better health. It seems plausible that conditions in early life influence the health and behavior of chicks for a long time. The different outcome systems show no difference in behavior in the pens. However, there are differences in the reaction when the chicks are exposed to a test situation, not only at a young age but also at an older age.

Where to find the original material: https://www.nieuweoogst.nl/nieuws/2020/05/19/bij-hitte-vaker-voeren-en-boxen-schoonmaken;
Country: NL