493 – Involve to help dairy farmers to improve practices. (Research paper – Mounaix – 2020)

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493 Research paper – Mounaix – 2020 – Involve to help dairy farmers to improve practices.

493 Research paper
Involve to help dairy farmers to improve practices. by Mounaix, B., Guiadeur, M., Jozan, T. and S Assie 2020 Rencontres Recherches Ruminants 2020: Session Santé
In Significant Impact Groups: Pathogen management \ Vaccination Biosecurity
Species targeted: Dairy; Beef;
Age: Young; Adult;
The relationship between farmers’ attitude and on farm practices has been demonstrated. A trial to test dam vaccination on calf protection has permitted to survey 36 dairy farmers on their perception of this practice: 6 months before the trial (2017), 77% of them had a preventive perception of the vaccination but they associated it to rather curative practices. Their implication through the trial has improved their understanding of calf passive immunity and of the role of colostrum into this process (75% of answers), but also the importance of the delay for colostrum intake (72%) and of the quality of colostrum (65%). After the trial, the farmers declared to be determined to change their practices regarding the distribution of colostrum to improve the health of calves at farm. These results confirmed the benefits of practical application to facilitate the changes in attitude and practices.
Where to find the original material: http://www.journees3r.fr/spip.php?article4942
Country: FR