Coating surfaces in poultry, pig and dairy farms


When dirt, urine and manure build up in hard to reach places, adequate cleaning and disinfection can be a challenge. Pathogens like bacteria and viruses can remain on surfaces protected by a layer of dirt or within a ‘biofilm’. This can be a source of repeated infection for livestock.

MS Schippers, in cooperation with Mesacoatings, offers a solution by coating floors and walls of livestock housing as part of an integrated HyCare method. A few hours after the coating has been applied, the stable/shed/housing can be put into use.

HyCare Coating creates a seam-less and pore-free environment. Pathogens no longer get a chance to build up in the cracks and holes on surfaces. Good hygiene can thus be guaranteed. The coating is easier and faster to clean than concrete and saves water. No dirt is left behind and it dries very quickly.

HyCare coating of surfaces improves the effectiveness of cleaning by reducing the ability of pathogens to build up over time, this lowers the risk of disease and thereby the use of antibiotics.