Optimizing digestion and intestinal protection in young piglets with Lianol Basdiar

Diarrhoea is a common problem in young piglets which can lead to mortality. Ardol has developed the product Basdiar, to guide and accelerate proper intestinal development and intestinal digestion in newborn piglets.

Basdiar is a food supplement that must be dissolved in warm water (100 grams of product to 1 liter of water). It is mainly a mixture of algae and clay minerals. Due to the high iron and mineral content, Basdiar is an optimal supplement to the iron-poor colostrum and milk. It is given in a feeding bowl, which actively stimulates the natural rooting behavior so that each piglet quickly drinks water and learns to eat vegetable feed.

Basdiar is given from birth as a supplement to colostrum and sow’s milk for at least a week, about 1 liter per litter per day. It can also be fed into the piglet pen to reduce weaning dip. There are also good experiences with feeding Basdiar to the smallest piglets in the piglet barn, to improve uniformity. The product is a supplement to colostrum and sow’s milk, and can also be given simultaneously with artificial milk and candy feed.

Several trials have shown that using Basdiar decreases mortality and increases the number of weaned piglets. The piglets start off better in the piglet barn, as they are already accustomed to eating liquid feed. The litters are more uniform and have less diarrhoea. Basdiar ensures:

– less loss to weaning

– sufficient moisture in the first days of life

– ALL piglets learn to eat in the farrowing pen

– an indispensable natural source of iron

– the binding of endotoxins

– a good intestinal protection

A greater feed intake in the first weeks of life and good continued growth after weaning are other benefits of this product.