Pest prevention on poultry, pig and dairy farms


Pests, such as rodents, insects and birds can enter sheds/stables/housing and multiply, which then increases the risk of disease entering and spreading on farm.

Flies can be controlled both biologically and chemically. Predator flies or parasitic wasps (the fly’s natural enemy) can be released into the stable/shed 5 to 6 times a year. Manure can also be treated several times a year with a pesticide that kills the maggots of the flies. Some products can be distributed over the manure pit surface. It is best practice to keep pests out of the farm premises as much as possible. For example, by completely blocking the entrance to livestock housing with the nets or using decoy boxes to control rats and mice.

Proper pest control reduces damage caused by pests as well as limiting the spread of diseases that e.g. flies, birds or rodents carry and spread. This leads to improved livestock health, farm hygiene and job satisfaction. Companies as for example MS Schippers and Agro Pest Control can offer pest control products.