Aims and Objectives

The DISARM group aims to bring people together to discuss and share best practices to promote and sustain responsible use of antibiotics. Any solutions must be effective, practical to use on commercial farms, maintain or improve animal welfare, and carry a cost-benefit to sustain farm economic performance. We will:

Promote best practices in livestock farming which can reduce the need for antibiotic use by focusing on, for example, biosecurity, breeding for resilience and animal health, alternative treatment options and targeted use of antibiotics.

Share information across farming sectors, species and countries. This will involve running events and workshops to connect livestock farmers, farm advisors and veterinarians with farmers who have adopted innovative approaches to reducing antibiotic resistance.

Establish a community of people with an interest in reducing antibiotic resistance in livestock farming. This network will discuss research findings and best practices to reduce the need for antibiotic use whilst protecting farm economic performance and animal welfare. Members will share ideas, innovative solutions, review practices and problems, and learn from the experiences and knowledge of others.

Provide information resources on best practices, management strategies and new technologies to ultimately reduce antibiotic resistance. This includes development of practical farm health plans based on input from farmers, advisors and veterinarians involved at the farm level.

Guide and support further research and innovation work on reducing antibiotic resistance on farms to develop practical solutions which do not compromise animal welfare or farm performance and profitability.

Ensure the project’s momentum is sustained by leaving platforms and programmes in place to keep the community interacting and driving the initiative forward.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No 817591