Based on the work of DISARM, we have created a policy brief with recommendations focused on three main areas:

Supporting change at farm level by facilitating collaboration between livestock industry and research actors, promoting social, structural and supply chain mechanisms that support behavioural change at the farm level by considering a wider systems approach to better account for competing interests and regulatory requirements farmers must deal with. Various types of knowledge exchange activities and co-development of effective options/tools for animal health management should be encouraged.

Facilitating the expansion of the Multi Actor Farm Health Team approach following country-specific analyses of how the approach could be better integrated into national regulatory requirements and/or advisory services, promote this approach to become more mainstream. Support the development of business models to make the approach viable and sustainable in various member states including the training of coaches and incentivized establishment (and continuation) of farm health teams.

Achieving the One Health approach in practice by facilitating cross-fertilisation of ideas internationally and across different sectors, alongside transparent monitoring for better-informed decisions with regards to antimicrobial use and antimicrobial resistance, with care taken to avoid attributing blame for what is a shared, global issue.

Read the Full DISARM Policy brief here!

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