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Creating your team and succesful collaboration

Creating a Farm Health Team takes more than just putting a farmer, a veterinarian and feed or other farm advisors around a table. It requires to call upon your own intrinsic motivation and that of the others to commit to the team effort of improving the farm and its practices. This bunch of people becomes a team when one vision for the farms’ improvement trajectory gets defined. Good team work requires a set of basic rules to go by and to which every members should be held by the others. These basic rules should make sure that every members feels safe and comfortable in the setting to dare speaking his mind and honestly share his ideas for farm improvement with the team .

The team also needs collaboration tools such as quick and easy communication channels as well as a method or platform to share data and reports and collaborate on an up to date version of the farms’ health plan.

Together Everyone Achieves More

5 reasons to start a farm health team and design a farm health plan:

Three persons know more than one

Farm improvement requires a lot of knowledge on various technical and economic aspects. Bringing a team of farmer, vet, feed and farm advisors together is bringing different sources of knowledge together!

Coherent and streamlined advice in a tailor-made action plan

Working in team allows to streamline the advice from different sources into a
matching strategy and suitable actions for the farm.

Shared ownership, motivation and accountability from teamwork

Team work makes you buy into the farm improvement process and makes you feel accountable and owner of your part in the farm improvement process. Together you can make more of it and get the best out of every member of the team.

Support for farmer from other team members in making the change

While it is a team effort, it comes down to the farmer to implement and sustain the necessary investment and changes in management and behavior. Support from the other team members  in  taking and sustaining action can increase the chances for success.

Farm Health Plan gives structure, traceability and overview of progress

The farm plan based on clear objectives, recorded data and monitoring of actions, gives clear overview of your progress and actions leading to success or not. Diligent monitoring  motivates to sustain good practice and provides new insights for improvements.

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