Step 3

Setting targets

Once you have discussed the current state of farm within the team and have disentangled specific issue you should be able to prioritize the issues you want to work on and define goals and corresponding actions.

Arguments or criteria that you can apply in setting priorities can be:

  • Economic considerations

    Which problems provoke considerable economic damage to the farm? Or need considerable investements to get solved?

  • Practical considerations

    Which issues only ask for minor and rather simple changes to put in practice?

  • Emotional considerations

    Which issues are major causes of frustration or reduced joy of work?

Depending on the context some considerations can be more important than others but an issue that has a combination of several considerations is for sure a candidate to get high priority.


You can create a visual and comprehensive overview of the considerations and proposed aspects to work on to determine the priorities. Make a table similar to the one below. You can either put checks in the categories that apply or even give a value from 1 (not important or very unpractical  to 5 very important or easy to implement . Counting the checks or summing the values given to each category for each option X, Y, Z gives you a sort of ranking of the proposed actions to work on.

Aspect to prioritise Economic Practical Emotional Total
X 4 2 1 7
Y 2 5 2 9
Z 4 3 3 10

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