State of the Art Report

The DISARM State of the Art database collates information about antibiotic use and resistance in agriculture  – you can search entries in the Resources section. The database includes research findings relating to the reduction of antibiotic resistance in livestock production as well as farmer and industry-led innovations which have been shown to reduce antibiotic use in livestock production whilst maintaining farm performance, animal health and welfare.

To see an overview of all the database entries, check out the State of the Art Report

Research Prioritisation Reports

DISARM has produced three reports outlining recommendations for further research about antibiotic resistance management in the livestock sector.

The First Research Prioritisation Report drew from the panel discussion at the first DISARM public event, State of the Art database, and results from an online survey based around key topics selected by the DISARM Community of Practice.

The Second Research Prioritisation Report builds upon the initial report and indicates a keen interest in fairness in the One Health approach and positive public perception of the livestock industry.

The Final Research Prioritisation Report focuses on the experiences of DISARM partners who set up and coached Multi-Actor Farm Health Teams across 9 countries. The report outlines what worked well and the challenges experienced with regards to implementing the approach, and how likely that these approaches could be embedded into mainstream advisory/regulatory systems. These insights highlighted vast differences in the approaches taken by different EU Member States.

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