DISARM @ Farm To Fork conference

On the 15th and 16th of October, the European Commission organized an online conference on its Farm to Fork strategy. This strategy lays out the pathways towards fair, healthy and environmentally friendly food system as part of the European Green Deal.

One of the challenges in the Farm to Fork strategy to achieve the healthy food system is the EU wide reduction by 50% in sales of antimicrobials to combat antimicrobial resistance.

We from DISARM were proud to be asked to share our insight into how new knowledge and innovation solutions for sustainable farming will help to achieve the goals that have been set.

We believe that we must be optimistic about reaching the goals since pioneering livestock farmers in different sectors and across Europe are already showing that reducing antibiotic use to minimal levels is possible. Still, we believe the further reduction will be depending on excellent research, innovation and courage of the people in practice that need to make the change happening in their daily practice.

We must support them with making them aware of all good farming practices and emerging innovations that can assist in making the sustainable changes and with providing methods to enable very farm specific improvement trajectories. For the latter, we believe in the collaborative effort of farmers, vets and farm advisors in Farm Health Teams.


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