133 Use of phytobiotics in broiler nutrition – an alternative to infeed antibiotics (Research report – Grashorn, 2010)

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133 Research report – Grashorn – 2010 – Use of phytobiotics in broiler nutrition – an alternative to infeed antibiotics

In Significant Impact Groups: Specific alternatives
Species targeted: Poultry;
Age: Not stated;
In poultry meat production birds have to face several challenges disturbing the normal functioning of the organism. Mainly, the gastrointestinal tract may be influenced resulting in weakened absorption of nutrients and in reduced performance and increased mortality. Therefore, in the past antibiotics were supplemented to diets to make birds cope better with harsh conditions. With the ban of antibiotics as infeed growth promoters farmers lost an effective tool to help birds to realize their performance capacity. Phytobiotics seem to be the most promising alternatives to antibiotics as growth promoters as they are of natural origin and as they are generally regarded as safe, although, they contain a broad number of pharmacologically active substances with unknown action. Experiments with various products conducted with broilers up to now show a tendency for improved performance and health status, although the net margin amounts only to few percents in regard to tested control groups.

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http://www.jafs.com.pl/Use-of-phytobiotics-in-broiler-nutrition-n-an-alternative-to-infeed-antibiotics-,66297,0,2.html; https://doi.org/10.22358/jafs/66297/2010

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