Multi-Actor Farm Health Plans

We are looking for case-study farms who would like to improve their multi-actor farm teams to develop effective, tailored farm health plans. This will involve a DISARM facilitator visiting the farm and helping the farmer, their farm veterinarian and other farm advisors e.g. nutritionist to work together to develop and implement an animal health action plan.

We will be focusing on:

  • Pig farms in the Netherlands and Spain
  • Poultry farms in Belgium and Latvia
  • Dairy farms in UK and Romania
  • Sheep grazing farms in Greece and France

To promote knowledge sharing across borders, we would like these case-study farms to participate in two exchange visits: one visiting farms in the partnering country, and one hosting farmers from the partnering country. We would also like for you to host or attend an event or workshop in your own country to share your experiences of the multi-actor approach.

If you are interested in any aspect of this project, please get in touch!