141 Johnes; Dairy by James Smith UK Herdwise 2018 winner (Farm Innovation)

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141 Farm Innovation – Johnes; Dairy by James Smith UK Herdwise 2018 winner

Significant Interest Groups: Pathogen management \ Eradication
Species targeted: Dairy;
Age: Different for different species;
For James Smith, winner of the UK’s National Milk Records 2018 Herdwise award, reducing Johnes disease burden across his 240-head organic Holstein Friesian herd in Chippenham, UK, saw Johne’s positive cows reduce from 35 per cent of the herd to 15 per cent in two years. Since June 2016, this has included the introduction of several herd management practices e.g. installation of a pasteuriser and Johne’s testing done quarterly via milk samples taken as part of the Herdwise Johne’s screening scheme. If a cow has a positive result above 60 per cent, it is culled at the end of that lactation. Cows with very high readings, often termed „super shedders‟, are culled as soon as possible. “The long-term goal is to eliminate Johne’s completely, but realistically this will take several years so it is vital we have the management strategies in place to achieve this.”

Where to find the original material: https://www.fginsight.com/vip/vip/holstein-herd-rewarded-for-johnes-control-practices-64389;
Country: UK