149 Collecting and transporting samples by Zoetis (Tools& Checklists)

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149 ToolsChecklists – Collecting and transporting samples by Zoetis

SIG: Pathogen management
Species targeted: Dairy;
This farmer guide to collecting and transporting milk samples for bacterial culture +/- sensitivity as well as Somatic Cell Counts includes a step by step procedure for the kit required, marking and preparing the sterile pots, taking the milk sample, storing it correctly and sending it for analysis by a lab or the vets. Taking milk samples is key to identifying the bugs causing mastitis so that the correct control strategy can be selected and implemented. Environmental bugs such as Strep uberis require a different approach compared to Staph aureus or E.coli. Sensitivity testing can also help you to assess whether the antibiotic treatment protocols you are using for a clinical case are indeed effective.

Where to find the original material: https://www.zoetis.co.uk/livestock-farming/useful-resources/index.aspx;
Country: United Kingdom;