247 Pain relief during castration of piglets by Lintjeshof (Industry Innovation)

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247 Industry Innovation – Pain relief during castration of piglets by Lintjeshof

In Significant Impact Groups: Housing and welfare
Species targeted: Pigs;
Age: Young;
Pain relief during castration is not compulsory in all countries, including the Netherlands. Pig breeders who are perfect in pain management should administer the anaesthetic half an hour before castrating the piglet. There are also pig farmers who administer pain relief at the same time as other piglet treatments. With complete pain management, the piglet recovers faster. A point of attention is to give the piglets the correct anaesthetic with the concentration suitable for piglets. The injection is rewarding, but the operation requires some adaptability on the part of the pig farmer. Pain management costs roughly 2 cents per piglet.

Where to find the original material: https://www.nieuweoogst.nl/nieuws/2020/06/24/dierenarts-lintjeshof-pijnstilling-is-de-moeite-waard;
Country: NL