251 Drinkwatercheck varkenshouderij by ZLTO (Tools & Checklists)

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251 ToolsChecklists – Drinkwatercheck varkenshouderij by ZLTO

In Significant Impact Groups: Water \ Water quality
Species targeted: Pigs;
Good quality drinking water is an important prerequisite for livestock. Experience shows that the water entering the company is of excellent quality. Afterwards, however, until the water is absorbed by the animal, the bacteriological and chemical quality often deteriorates. Drinking water of bad quality has effects on animal health and can therefore be a cause of lower production or slower growth!
On behalf of VION and LIB, ZLTO has developed a checklist together with a number of pig farmers in order to be able to monitor the quality of the drinking water itself.
With the checklist you can find out where you can improve the drinking water supply and there are tips on how to do this.
Go through all the sections if you want to know where improvements are possible. If you already know where you can make improvements, take a look at the extra tips.

Where to find the original material: https://www.zlto.nl/stream/drinkwatercheck-varkenshouderij;
Country: Netherlands;