268 – Starting of Label Rouge broiler production – Preserve the welfare and performance of animals (Research paper – Pertusa – 2019)

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268 Research paper – Pertusa – 2019 – Starting of Label Rouge broiler production_ preserve the welfare and performance of animals

In Significant Impact Groups: Housing and welfare \ Weaning age and management; AMU reduction strategies
Species targeted: Poultry;
Age: Young;
Early rearing phase represents a key period in breeding and requires special technical and sanitary management to ensure the competitiveness of poultry production and welfare. 30 Label Rouge poultry flocks were sampled. Data on the environment, feeding, watering, cleaning and disinfection management, body weight and body condition monitoring were collected and a questionnaire was also sent to the farmer to identify its practices. The selected variables of interest, were: weight, homogeneity of the batch, rate of pododermatitis, mortality and welfare rating at 15 days. From the study it was found that the origin of the chicks had a significant impact on the weight, the homogeneity of the batch and the mortality at 15 days. Access to specific start-up feeding equipment also appears to influence the weight, homogeneity and rate of pododermatitis at the end of the start. This rate is also influenced by the quality of the litter in breeding.

Where to find the original material: https://www.itavi.asso.fr/content/le-demarrage-en-production-de-poulets-de-chair-label-rouge;
Country: FR