281 – Relationship Between Barn Hygiene and Lameness Prevalence in Thirty-Five Transylvanian Dairy Farms (Research paper – Popescu – 2010)

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281 Research paper – Popescu – 2010 – Relationship Between Barn Hygiene and Lameness Prevalence in Thirty- Five Transylvanian Dairy Farms

In Significant Impact Groups: Biosecurity \ Pathogen management
Species targeted: Dairy;
Age: Not stated;
This study focuses on the relationship between hygiene and lameness prevalence in dairy cattle kept in tie-stall barns in Transylvania (Romania). The barns’ hygiene was assessed based on the body hygiene of the housed cattle. The prevalence of lameness was determined and the cleanliness of the two body areas of the cows in 35 dairy farms with tie-stall housing. A total of 2028 dairy cows were evaluated. The percentage of hygiene scores of 3 and 4 for the upper leg and flank was on average 41% and for the lower leg on average 33%, with significant differences between the hygiene of the two body areas. They found an association between leg hygiene and lameness, both with respect to lower leg hygiene and upper leg and flank hygiene. The obtained results showed that the poor hygiene of barn represents a risk factor associated to lameness prevalence in tied dairy cattle.

Where to find the original material: http://journals.usamvcluj.ro/index.php/veterinary/article/view/5956; http://dx.doi.org/10.15835/buasvmcn-vm:67:1:5956
Country: RO