290 – The Five Point Plan – A successful tool for reducing lameness in sheep (Research paper – Clements – 2014)

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290 Research paper – Clements – 2014 – The Five Point Plan_ a successful tool for reducing lameness in sheep

In Significant Impact Groups: Pathogen management \ Managing sick animals Euthanasia/culling; AMU reduction strategies
Species targeted: Sheep;
Age: Not stated;
Lameness constitutes a major animal welfare and economic challenge across the sheep sector, costing an estimated £24 million to the UK industry. The high volume of antibiotic currently used to tackle the estimated 9 million lameness cases that occur annually in the UK is also concerning. The aim of this study was to develop and validate an achievable farm-level solution, the Five Point Plan, to reduce lameness levels to FAWC targets. The Five Point Plan has five action points that support the animal in three different ways: building resilience, reducing disease challenge and establishing immunity. It was then implemented on a UK sheep farm over a four-year study period (2009–2013). Lameness prevalence across the study flock was measured monthly by a single observer using a simple 6-point locomotion score. The results show that lameness reduction is achievable within a relatively short time scale but does require long-term commitment in order to sustain success.

Where to find the original material: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/263294503_The_’Five_Point_Plan’_A_successful_tool_for_reducing_lameness_in_sheep; https://doi.org/10.1136/vr.102161
Country: UK