363 Healthy lambs by Idele (Tools & Checklists)

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363 ToolsChecklists – Healthy lambs by Idele

In Significant Impact Groups: Housing and welfare
Species targeted: Sheep;
Firstly, the document presents an inventory of lamb health in relation to the building. Main pathologies and all factors influencing the health of the animals are discussed. Then, the key-points at the different stages of a lamb’s life (from birth to fattening) are described. For each of these stages, the issues, the main health risks, the actions to be implemented to prevent diseases and the improvements to be planned in the sheep pen are presented. At the end of the document, good practices related to the building to protect the lambs are collected: biosecurity measures, watering, technical recommendations for the organisation and layout of the sheepfold, littering, cleaning and disinfection of the sheepfold, lighting and ventilation.

Where to find the original material: https://idele.fr/?eID=cmis_download&oID=workspace://SpacesStore/5d181f32-1d59-4e3b-bb3f-82d0cd126b7f
Country: France;