364 LalFilm PRO by by Lallemand (Industry Innovation)

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364 Industry Innovation – LalFilm PRO by by Lallemand

In Significant Impact Groups: Pathogen management \ Biosecurity
Species targeted: Pigs; Poultry; Other;
Age: Different for different species;
All microbial species can be biofilmogenic under certain stress conditions, nutrient concentration, colony size and degree of confinement. The exchange of information and gene expressions that characterize the biofilm make it an enemy to be fought as part of the fight against antibiotic resistance. During a webinar organised by Lallemand and Unitec, a method to combat the formation of pathogenic biofilm was presented, exploiting the antagonism between bacteria. LalFilmPRO, Lallemand’s apatogenic biofilm, can be used to reverse the paradigm, using the same weapons as bacteria to extend the hygiene protocol. The exclusive technology is based on the use of specific bacterial strains, with antagonistic efficacy and high adherence power. Bacterial strains have been selected to colonise an environment quickly and uniformly, which can inhibit and antagonise the growth of other species.

Where to find the original material: https://www.biosicurezzaweb.net/pdf/SV1159_33-35.pdf?fbclid=IwAR0BNw-pOL3VO88cdtoPjbOs-LtSI80KLKMet_EJnRHhZbnAX1P5N2WLtnM;
Country: Global