401 Intra Repiderma spray by Intracare BV (Industry Innovation)

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401 Industry Innovation – Intra Repiderma spray by Intracare BV

401 Industry Innovation
Intra Repiderma spray by Intracare B.V.
In Significant Impact Groups: Specific alternatives \ Other
Species targeted: Dairy;
Age: Not stated;
The udder cleft incidence on a farm is often underestimated, particularly on farms with a milking robot. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to regularly check the udders of all animals using a telescopic inspection mirror. Udder cleft issues like udder cleft dermatitis or foul udder are often located between the front teats and at the transition of the front quarters and the abdominal wall. Although this condition is well known in the dairy industry, not much research has been performed. This is the first large-scale study that demonstrates the positive effect of the non-antibiotic Intra Repiderma spray on mild udder skin issues. Spraying of the mild udder skin cases every 2 days resulted in 81.8% full skin recovery with a median time for recovery of 4 weeks.

Where to find the original material: https://www.intracare.nl/r-d/publications/prevention-care-of-udder-cleft-dermatitis-in-dairy-cows;
Country: NL