Aim for zero antibiotics by 3 step approach

Every year 700000 people die because of antimicrobial cross resistance. By 2050 the number will be multiplied by ten. Every 45 seconds someone dies because of antimicrobial cross resistance. By 2050 every 3 second someone will die.

It is clear that we have to aim for minimal – preferentially zero – use of antibiotics. Farmers can aim for use of zero antibiotics via a simple 3-step approach.

The first step deals with using a benchmark tool. Different examples are available such as undependent ones like Biocheck or commercial ones as shown in current video. Based on the outcomes of the benchmark tool, your veterinarian or coach at the farmer site can advise you on possible strategies to reduce antibiotics and subsequent antibiotic resistance. Finally, next to management and veterinarian solutions, your adviser can advise plenty of feed solutions together with nutritionists for alternative intervention at the different levels of the animal in order to secure animal health and performance.

Farmers across the globe are very satisfied with such simple 3-step approach as witnessed in the video.