Automatic spray system of Animal Life Plus

Between rounds, pollution accumulates in stables, with lots of dust, odor and ammonia. Something that is bad for animals, people and the environment. Animal Life Plus delivers an innovative automated barn cleaning system to improve the barn climate.

The automatic spray system is an easy to install system that works from an installation unit containing the spray. This spray is a biological cleaning agent that consists of a wide range of selected micro-organisms. These micro-organisms attach themselves to the core of the contamination, which can be seen as a layer of bonded dust on surfaces. The air remains and is considerably fresh.

The spraying system can be applied in all kinds of sectors, including piglets, sows, laying hens, broilers, calves and dairy goats. The system can be built into new and existing houses.

Prior to spraying, the starter is used to speed up microbiological cleaning, and the cleaner is used to clean between rounds with biological softener. By using these coordinated cleaners, the effect of the spray is optimally highlighted.

The automated microbiological cleaning concept of Animal Life Plus offers many advantages. For this pig farmer, the system has led to better animal health, less use of antibiotics, increased job satisfaction and an improved technical result. This means that the system pays for itself in a short period of time.


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