Best practice recommendations regarding entrance control


Every person entering the farm, including the farmer and his/her staff, should take precautionary measures, as they can carry pathogens onto the farm. All unnecessary visitors should be kept out of the stables and away from the animals. Visitors should adhere to the following measures: 

  1. Park your vehicle as far as possible from the animal housing facilities, on the dedicated parking area. When there is no parking area, leave your vehicle on the public road. 
  2. Never enter the animal housing facilities without informing the farmer/responsible person. 
  3. Before entering the animal facilities:
    • Sign the visitors’ register.  
    • Remove your footwear and overclothing.  
    • Wash and disinfect your hands and/or wear disposable gloves.  
    • Proceed to the clean zone of the hygiene lock (the side where the animals are present). Showering may be obligatory.  
    • Put on farm-specific and clean coveralls/clothing and footwear. Whenever a farm does not have specific clothing or footwear, put on a disposable coverall and overshoes.  
  1. While being in the animal housing facilities, do not touch animals unless necessary.
  2. Ideally, between different houses or animal groups, you should change clothing and footwear andwash and disinfect your hands.
  3. At the end of your farm visit: 
    • Remove farm-specific footwear and clean it before placing it back.  
    • Remove farm-specific clothing and put it into a laundry bin. 
    • Enter the dirty part of the hygiene lock (you may have to shower first).  
    • Wash and disinfect your hands.  
    • Put your own clothes and shoes back on.  

Whenever these measures are followed thoroughly, no additional animal-free contact period is required. However, this can still be imposed by the farmer/government.