Buffer solution for stabilization rumen fermentation

It is very difficult to increase milk production in dairy cattle, without jeopardizing digestive disorder and subsequent animal health. However, sound buffer concepts can support and protect the rumen and intestines. In counteracts the effect of high energy diets that disrupt the healthy functioning of the rumen by buffering the acidification by overproduction of short chain fatty acids. This way, lysis of bacteria by acidification and subsequent release of endotoxins is avoided. As a consequence, intestinal barrier is not weakened and does not result in leaky gut and sepsis. Finally, there is no energy loss towards fortifying the immunity of the animal, resulting in better performance and health.

It is clear that buffers can overcome intestinal disorders in ruminants, while increasing milk production. This way, the performance index of the animal is strongly improved and the financial profit per animal is much better, as witnessed by farmers.