Connected audits to protect pig health 

In France, three connected tools funded by the Ecoantibio Plan have been designed by IFIP to carry out self-diagnostics on pig health management : PorcProtect, Batisanté and Porcisanté. These three tools, available on smartphones or PCs, are complementary, approaching the issue of helath protection in different ways. PorcProtect focuses on biosecurity in 30 questions for a quick grid, and in 320 questions for a full grid; Bâtisanté provides an update on the management of buildings and livestock equipment in 64 questions illustrated by photos, covering areas including climate and ventilation, access to water and food, quality and type of floors, cleaning and disinfection of rooms, etc. Porcisanté manages interventions on animals in 70 questions also illustrated by photos, including colostral intake, care of piglets, management of sow feed, breeding management, etc.

They all allow farmers to review the basics and their regulatory compliance. A report is produced with a color code according to the rate of risky practices (red high risk, orange medium risk, green low risk). Prioritization of the actions to be corrected is therefore immediate. Technical sheets are also included to present areas for improvement. A comparison with the results of previous audits on the same farm is possible in the three tools as well as a comparison with other farms in PorcProtect.

Search «batisante» or  «porcisante» in the Play store or Apple store. Website: