Create a complete strategy on your dairy farm with the OPTIcow management tool


As a farmer, you are faced with making challenging decisions everyday. Having the most useful information at your fingertips is difficult because there are multiple different data programmes, software packages and tracking systems. ZLTO offers a solution: a unique, indispensable tool called OPTIcow.

OPTIcow compares business performance based on sustainability cycles, production, animal health and management to name a few examples. OPTIcow holds this data in an easy-to-use portal so that you can gain insight into your farm developments at the push of a button and can safely compare your performance with other businesses in the same sector. A ZLTO advisor will be happy to discuss the OPTIcow report with you.

With this tool you can discover your farm’s strengths and weaknesses and can make improvements where necessary. This is good for your cows, the sector and your wallet. Want to know more about OPTIcow or register your farm directly? Go to the website of OPTIcow.