93 Guidance notes 2013 by IDF (Farm Innovation)

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Significant Impact Group(s): AMU reduction strategies
Species targeted: Dairy;
Age: Adult;
Summary: This guide describes prudent use of antimicrobial agents in dairy production. It contains a chapter with definitions of used terminology, complemented with descriptions of ‘Good practices’ for dairy farmers, veterinarians, food processing companies, pharmaceutical companies and competent authorities. It also includes fact sheets for above mentioned sectors.
The focus of this comprehensive publication is on desired outcomes rather than on specific prescriptive actions or processes. It provides examples of recommended practices for all participants.
A factsheet for example includes principles like:
– Have an effective herd health management program in place, by using an identification system that allows all animals to be identified individually from birth to death + Keep written records of all treatment and identify treated animals appropriately
– Use all antimicrobial agents as directed, by only using veterinary medicines as prescribed by veterinarians
93 Farm Innovation – Guidance notes 2013 by IDF
Where to find the original material: (in English)
Country: UK

93 Farm Innovation – Guidance notes 2013 by IDF