92 Guidance notes by IDF 2017 (Farm Innovation)

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Significant Impact Group(s): AMU reduction strategies
Species targeted: Dairy;
Age: Adult;
Summary: This factsheet describes what antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is, outlines dairy sector guidance on prudent use of antimicrobials and defines the global dairy position on AMR. Topics that are discussed vary from guidelines for prudent use for dairy farmers, veterinary services, food processing and pharmaceutical company’s and regulators. Guideluines for dairy farmers are, for example:
– Set up biosecurity measures to prevent introduction of diseases and resistant bacteria onto the farm
– Implement a management programma for chronically infected cows
– Implement an effective herd health management programme
– Avoid feeding milk-containing residues to calves or other animals on the farm
– Ensure that withdrawel times set for the antimicrobials are respected before the milk from treated animals is used, supported by strategic residue testing of milk
92 Farm Innovation – Guidance notes by IDF
Where to find the original material: (in English)
Country: UK

92 Farm Innovation – Guidance notes by IDF