43 PDCA by Inagro ILVO (Farm innovation)

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Significant Impact Group(s): Biosecurity ; Pathogen management
Species targeted: Dairy;
Age: Adult;
Outcome Parameter(s): Effects social and/or public health positively.
Summary: This demonstration project is executed by Inagro in cooperation with ILVO. PDCA (which means: Plan Do Check Act) for dairy farmers is its main topic. With the PDCA-principle a dairy farmer can develop a list with action point to work on, focused on colostrum- and transition management. Together with the farm veterinarian, advisors and other important people they create a strength-weakness overview of a farm. Based on this overview the farmer starts working with the PDCA-principle.
43 Farm Innovation – PDCA by Inagro ILVO
Where to find the original material: (in Dutch)
Country: BE

43 Farm Innovation – PDCA by Inagro ILVO