Farm Innovation Phages by Intralytix Omnilytixs

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Significant Impact Group(s): Specific alternatives \ Other
Species targeted: Poultry;
Age: Young;Adult;
Summary: Bacteriophages or simply are viruses that exclusively infect bacteria. Within these bacteria, they replicate and produce new virus particles which are set free as soon as the bacteria either disintegrates or explodes. This capacity of being able to destroy bacteria makes phages powerful antimicrobials and exactly that characteristic could be exploited while treating various infectious diseases, i.e. by phage treatment.
The number of studies about phage therapy is growing, indicating that more data will become available about phage and enzybiotic efficacy and safety.
Advantages and disadvantages are discussed and the article ends with perspectives for the future. One of the most important problems before commercialization of products is the lack of clear regulations. Therefore it is essential to continue contributing necessary data, so authorities can understand the real value of their later use.
52 Farm Innovation – Phages by Intralytix Omnilytixs
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Country: USA

52 Farm Innovation – Phages by Intralytix Omnilytixs