GVET : to get an electronic medicine books for pigs

In France, 90% of pig farmers record veterinary treatments in a paper register but 25% say they are ready to use an electronic version. GVET, funded by the Ecoantibio plan, facilitates this process on PC or smartphone by providing a standardized catalog of veterinary drugs to speed up the entry of the names of the drugs, the dose, the duration of treatment, and the withdrawal time prior to slaughter.

GVET also monitors antibiotic usage for each type of animal (sows, suckling piglets, weaned piglets, fattening pigs) with indicators validated by ANSES.

Data from farms are centralized in a national database hosted at IFIP to allow publication of collective references on antibiotic usage in France. Farmers will be able to compare their results with benchmarks to discuss ways of improvement with their veterinarians and meet societal expectations.

Two manufacturers have integrated GVET into their softwares : Isagri (in Ediporc and Pig’up) and Asserva (in Smartpharm). Deployment in the field is therefore operational. However, there is still a lot of educational work to do with farmers to help them change their habits and computerize their treatment register, without their having any regulatory obligation to do so.