How to take a good water sample for lab analysis?



1. Take a bottle that is as clean as possible and rinse it several times with the water to be analysed. A number of labs also have receptacles available.
2. Wash your hands thoroughly.
3. For a sample directly from a reservoir you take a mixed sample of different subsamples. You should preferably scoop these subsamples about 30 cm below the water surface. After good mixing, the receptacle can be filled.
4. Follow the following procedure for a sample from a tap:
– To know the quality of the starting water (the source), choose a tap as close to the source as possible.
– To check the quality at the drinking points, take a sample from a tap that is as far from the source as possible.
5. Clean the tap well, preferably also with an alcohol tissue.
6. If you want to know the quality of the starting water (the source), let the tap run for some minutes. To detect problems with biofilm formation in the pipes or to check if a disinfectant works effectively, let it run only for a short time.
7. Fill the receptacle for bacteriology first, then the receptacle for chemical parameters.
8. It is important that the samples reach the lab as soon as possible. If this is not possible, make sure that the samples are kept cool (refrigerated) for storage and transportation.