89 KalfOK by ZuivelNL (Industry Innovation)

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Significant Impact Group(s): AMU reduction strategies \ Monitoring and surveillance \ Disease/health ; Pathogen management
Species targeted: Dairy;
Age: Young;
Outcome Parameter(s): use of antibiotics; health status
Summary: CalfOK provides insight into the rearing of all calves born on the dairy farm. It stimulates to improve the health and welfare of calves. Since 2018, every dairy farmer can request the CalfOK score of his company, if the necessary authorizations have been issued via his dairy company. Figures from MediRund, I&R, Rendac and Qlip come together, from which the key figures arise. Dairy companies promote the use of KalfOK through quality and sustainability programs. CalfOK is composed of data on births and rearing, the use of antibiotics in calves and the company health status. In total there are 12 key figures each company can score a maximum of 100 points. The result provides insight into the quality of calf rearing at the individual dairy farm, and also makes a comparison with other companies possible. Dairy farmers are required to view the CalfOK score to issue authorizations through their dairy company.
89 Industry Innovation – KalfOK by ZuivelNL
Where to find the original material: (in Dutch)
Country: NL

89 Industry Innovation – KalfOK by ZuivelNL