90 Calf reception by LTO calf group (Industry Innovation)

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Significant Impact Group(s): Housing and welfare \ Weaning age and management ; Pathogen management
Species targeted: Dairy;
Age: Young;
Outcome Parameter(s): lower antibiotic use; lower mortality; improved animal welfare; improved animal health; better technical results
Summary: With the ‘Calf Reception’ project, the veal calf sector (initiator is the Branch Organization for the Calf Sector (SBK)) wants to improve the reception of newborn calves on the veal calf farm. The project focuses on the management of the veal farmer during the first four weeks, including the release of the calves in groups. During this period, improvements in management can lead to lower antibiotic use and loss, better animal welfare and health, more job satisfaction and better technical results. The main target group of the project are the 1,300 veal veal farmers in the Netherlands. Group meetings and workshops are organized, but individual conversations with veal farmers and advisers are also possible. Aspects that will be discussed include a clean barn, clean feeding troughs and teats, temperature in the barn on arrival, CO2 and humidity, feeding milk.
90 Industry Innovation – Ontvangst Kalveren by LTO calf group
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Country: NL

90 Industry Innovation – Ontvangst Kalveren by LTO calf group