Innovative farrowing box Balance Floor to decrease piglet mortality

The farrowing pen with Balance Floor is an innovative design that has been on the market for several years. The idea behind this concept is a movable floor, which to a large extent prevents piglets from being crushed by the mother.

As soon as the sow stands up, she hits three sensors and the movable floor, on which the sow stands, is raised approximately 20 cm (using cylinders). The piglets cannot climb on this plateau during the first week of life, which is the most critical phase. As soon as the sow lies down the floor gradually descends. In the moment the sow lies down, the risk of crushing injuring/killing the piglets is reduced.

Animal welfare is significantly increased, because the number of piglets that are lost due to crushing is reduced by 80%. The risk of piglets partially trapped or crushed by the mother is also lower. For example, piglets’ claws remain better intact. Any pathogens present do not have a ‘porte d’entrée’ via a wound. This results in better animal health and less need for antibiotics.

As more piglets survive, production data, such as the weaned piglets per sow per year, also rise.

There are also advantages for the farmer. Because there is less risk of crushing, the farmer can keep the piglets with the sow with a more comfortable feeling. There is also time savings, because fewer, if any, inured piglets have to be monitored continuously.