Microbial toxin elimination by selective binding

Every day, farmers all across the world work hard to give their animals the best possible care. However, there are many challenges among them how to find balanced and cost effective feed and how to keep livestock healthy. Moreover, due to climate change, raw materials are even more exposed to increased temperatures and higher humidity, what results in microbial contamination and subsequent toxin production, for example mycotoxins what poses a serious threat to animal health and performance.

Today’s solutions are innovative concepts dealing with climate change and increasing feed efficiency and customer convenience. The negative aspects of climate change can be easily targeted by providing the animals cost effective multi-level nutritional concepts able to prevent these issues by selective toxin absorption (avoiding nutrient malnutrition), create a healthy gut and gastrointestinal barrier, supplemented by ingredients promoting immune boosting and liver function. This is all combined in concepts such as VitaFix, an alternative for antibiotics and combining advanced adsorbing agents together with organic acids and natural antioxidants. Farmers across the globe are very satisfied with such multi-level solutions as witnessed in the video.