The right working method: Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)


Using Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) on farm is an important tool to prevent pathogens (bacteria, viruses) from moving around the farm and infecting other animals. They allow you to review processes for improvement and ensure all staff are following the same protocol to the same standard. A good working method goes beyond the use of a hygiene lock and the supply and removal of animals. It is about the daily routines. For each animal category or age group, try to use separate clothing and materials, indicated by different colours so there is no cross over. Clean and disinfect hands and boots each time you leave an area or stock group. Additionally, apply working systems so that farm workers do not spread disease between age groups or management groups. For example, build pens so that employees can work from young animals up to older animals without having to walk through other areas or pens.

Changing your daily routine is a big step towards minimizing the spread of disease. With a colour coding system for equipment and structuring pens, housing and facilities adequately, you can strive for the highest possible health status and reduce disease transmission.