Organic acid blends as reliable solution for reduction of antibiotics in piglet production

Weaning pigs is a challenging time. Piglets are always very sensitive to E. coli diarrhoea and after 10 days Streptococcus problems can arise, sometimes causing disease in the brain (meningitis) and other organs (septicaemia). This causes piglets to limp, lose their balance and tilt their head. Streptococcus requires a lot of follow-up, control and which takes a lot of time and work. In reality, farmers are continuously testing concepts available on the market, and very promising outcomes are observed when applying organic acids via the drinking water. Since some organic acids are not easy to get solubilized into water, you need dedicated formulations supported by specific emulsification technologies which enhance user convenience, efficacy and flexibility. Some convenient concepts are available on the market – such as for example Eubisol – and are applied in a 1:10 dilution ratio with water, followed by 1/1000 dilution via Dosatron. For the Eubisol case, farmers witnessed a significant decrease of use of antibiotics by 36%, and especially against Streptococcus by 60%. Farmers across the globe are very satisfied with water based solutions as witnessed in the video.