Step-by-step plan for chemical disinfection of drinking water pipes

Safe drinking water is essential for healthy animals. Contaminated water can quickly lead to health problems and thus increase the need for antibiotic treatments. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to the drinking water and pipes. Reduction of the bacteriological load of the water is often achieved by a treatment with a disinfectant such as chlorine or peroxide (= chemical disinfection). When choosing the product and dosage, several factors must be taken into account: the contamination at the source, any additives, vaccines or medication that will be administered via the water, the presence of biofilm or lime scale … Therefore it is highly recommended to discuss with your vet or advisor which treatment is appropriate for your situation., An effective chemical disinfection of your drinking water system can be obtained with the following step-by-step plan (note, only perform in between production rounds!):

1. Open the pipes and drinking nipples.
2. Add the prescribed dilution (depending on the product) to the drinking water system by means of a dosing pump.
3. Measure the water at the end of the pipes with the test strip supplied to check whether there is sufficient product in the entire system.
4. Close the pipes and drinking nipples and let the product take effect. The contact time depends on the product used.
5. Open the pipe and nipple drinkers and flush abundantly with water.
6. Check if the drinking nipples are functioning properly before new animals are allowed into the stable.
7. Check again with a test strip at the end of the line whether all remaining product has been removed.