359 Antibiotics in lambs of dairy herds – A reasoned use with a focus on preventive measures by Idele (Tools & Checklists)

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359 ToolsChecklists – Antibiotics in lambs of dairy herds_ a reasoned use with a focus on preventive measures by Idele

In Significant Impact Groups: Prudent use AB
Species targeted: Sheep;
A survey was carried out among 46 dairy sheep farmers to better understand measures put in place in the event of pathologies in young lambs, both in terms of antibiotic use and preventive actions. When asked about their practices regarding the use of antibiotics in lambs, the farmers expressed the importance they attach to the feeding and housing conditions of animals in order to prevent health problems. The use of antibiotics remains punctual and reasoned. The most common farming practices used to reduce the use of antibiotics in lambs on the surveyed farms are : • A balanced diet, including mineral feed, throughout gestation and preparation for lambing, • The lambing hutting, the creation of the mother-younger bond and the assurance of an important and fast colostrum intake, • Homogeneous batches of lambs in terms of age and weight, • Good environmental conditions in the building and sufficient litter.

Where to find the original material: http://idele.fr/domaines-techniques/publication/idelesolr/recommends/les-antibiotiques-chez-les-agneaux-en-ovins-lait-une-utilisation-raisonnee-en-misant-sur-les-moyen.html;
Country: France