The DISARM Community of Practice has Reached 100 Members!

The DISARM Community of Practice (CoP) is a gathering of various stakeholders in livestock farming (from the farm to the products) concerned by antibiotic resistance management. It will be composed of farmers, veterinarians, advisors, researchers, industry actors etc. It is a place to share experiences, discuss various issues linked to a better use of antibiotics, and identify and test new practices. The idea is that the complementary skills, various points of view and contexts will promote circulation of information, and a spread of good practices.

The Community of Practice takes place as a Facebook Group. You can join now to discuss your challenges, share best practices, or get inspired by solutions from other contexts to discover, discuss and co-create adapted best practices. It is an opportunity to exchange with other European field actors on common issues and discover new practices.

Our members are busy choosing some key areas to be discussed in this group. In September, we will announce the 10 focal topics that will be discussed and studied inside the CoP. Join us to be part of the conversation!