DISARM will share information on how to improve animal health and reduce the need for antibiotic use for pigs kept in indoor and outdoor systems. Each system type has its own challenges regarding animal health. For example, an indoor system offers better control of sow production performance and introduction of pathogens, but air quality, skin and locomotion conditions are often poorer compared to outdoor systems. Specific challenges and farm management practices will vary from farm to farm, so our multi-actor farm health team approach seeks to develop action plans which are tailored to individual farms.

Key risk factors to pig health may arise from housing, feeding, stocking density, transportation, hygiene and biosecurity etc. Behavioural issues including tail biting can result in injuries becoming infected and requiring antibiotic treatments. You can learn more about potential health risks on your farm and possible solutions by joining us at our events and workshops or accessing our resource materials which include a database of cutting-edge research and innovations, an online discussion group, short reports and informative videos.

DISARM will also work with other livestock sectors including cattle, poultry and sheep. There are commonalities across animal health risks and preventive measures. We believe working together to learn across species and sectors is a valuable way to improve animal health in livestock farming and reduce the need for antibiotic treatments.

Drinking water medication: beware of interference

Prevention of (blue-green) algae in drinking water sources

Why and how to prevent biofilm formation in drinking water pipes

Effective water vaccination: the importance of water quality

Industry Innovation No zinc and no antibiotics in pig management

Bring out slurry and manure – but avoid spreading of pathogens

Internal Biosecurity on Pig Breeding Farms

Genomic selection

Management in batches in pigs

Farm Innovation Oregano oil by Nottingham Trent University

Farm Innovation DANMAP by DANMAP

Step-by-step plan for watersampling

Step-by-step plan for the acidification of drinking water

Aim for zero antibiotics by 3 step approach

Galacto Oligosaccharides for improving health of newborn piglets

Industry Innovation cola and vaccination by Dutch vet

Farm Innovation KS Kempfarm systems by KS Kempfarm systems

Research paper Consumption of Antimicrobials in Pigs, Veal Calves, and Broilers in The Netherlands: Quantitative Results of Nationwide Collection of Data in 2011

Farm Innovation Antibiotic guidance by AMCRA

Farm Innovation Ecoantibio by French Agricultural Ministry

Research paper Quantitative assessment of antimicrobial resistance in livestock during the course of a nationwide antimicrobial use reduction in the Netherlands

Research paper Potential dietary feed additives with antibacterial effects and their impact on performance of weaned piglets: A meta-analysis by Vanrolleghem, W., Tanghe, S., Verstringe, S., Bruggeman, G., Papadopoulos, D., Trevisi, P., Zentek, J., Sarrazin, S. and J. Dewulf 2019 The Veterinary Journal 249: 24-32 in Significant Impact Group(s): Feed / gut health \ Feed additives and supplements – Feed additives and supplements ; Specific alternatives

Tools & Checklists Indic@Vet by Ceva/Sanders in Significant Impact Group(s): AMU reduction strategies \ Monitoring and surveillance \ Antibiotic use

Best practice recommendations regarding biosecurity and boars

Best practice recommendations regarding cleaning and disinfection

Best practice recommendations regarding entrance control

Automatic spray system of Animal Life Plus

WEBINAR: Optimising animal health in pig farming (in Dutch)

 Carcass disposal using an exchangeable storage system

Biosecurity on a farrow-to-finish farm

Preventing streptococcal infections 

Connected audits to protect pig health 

GVET : to get an electronic medicine books for pigs

Feeding stations for group housed sows 

Handling of dead animals: Hydrolysis

Environmental control in the farrowing unit

Real-time health monitoring in pigs

Purchasing policy and quarantine of breeding gilts

Weaning piglets

Cleaning and disinfecting on poultry, pig and dairy farms

How to use a hygiene lock

Coating surfaces in poultry, pig and dairy farms

Optimizing water quality on poultry, pig and dairy farms

Pest prevention on poultry, pig and dairy farms

The right working method: Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

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